How to Use Agnus Castus

Updated June 13, 2017

Vitex agnus castus, otherwise known as chasteberry, is a natural herb which women take in order to enhance their fertility. It helps to bring about a regulation of the prolactin hormone. An excess of prolactin in a woman's system can reduce her fertility. Agnus castus can also be an effective remedy against premenstrual symptoms. After consulting with your physician, you can use it to improve your reproductive health. You can use it during heavy and painful periods, as also to reduce symptoms like anger, irritability, fluid retention and sore breasts.

Add dried chasteberries to a tea brew, by pouring boiling water over the dried herb. Drink it after filtering the leaves.

Take Vitex Agnus Castus tablets, with a regular dosage of one or two tablets a day. You would do well to take these along with, or after a meal with plenty of water to back it up.

Take the herb in the tincture form. It may work faster, but remember to take it on every day of the menstrual cycle, as this is the way it can e balanced over the whole period of the cycle. If you don't have any symptoms, you're better off stopping the treatment. You can always continue if they return again.

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