How to Feed Roller Pigeons

Roller pigeons can be a fun and entertaining pet or a competition flight bird. Their appeal and popularity stretch not only across the United States but the globe as well. There are roller pigeon clubs in various states and countries, such as Australia, which serve the many people who love and train these beautiful creatures. The most basic, and certainly most important aspect of caring for these birds, is what to feed them. Read on to learn how to feed roller pigeons.

Find basic feed at a feed store. Look for a feed that is full of mixed grains. The protein content for these mixes should be from 13 to 17 percent.

Keep grey or red (or both) grit for the birds all the time. This is good for them to snack on.

Give the birds lots of oyster shells.

Give the bird 1 tbsp. of wheat every day for the first 11 days after you've released him for a practice flight. In addition, give him water that has pro-bios and vitamins.

Give the bird pigeon mix for 3 minutes on the twelfth day. Don't give her a training flight. Take the feeding tray away after the 3 minutes are up.

Feed the bird only water with pro-bios and vitamins for 30 minutes on the thirteenth day, the day before competition. Don't give the bird any food on this day.

Refrain from giving the bird food or water on competition day.


Add some safflower to the feed of younger roller pigeons. These youngsters are still developing muscle and feathers, so it's a good idea to give them extra protein. Fill up the grit boxes every day or every other day. On the seventh and eighth days, you can add Wazine or Piperazine Wormer to water, pro-bios and vitamins. Give it to the bird for 30 minutes and then take it away.

Things You'll Need

  • Grit boxes
  • Feed mix
  • Oyster shells
  • Wheat
  • Pigeon mix
  • Pro-bios and vitamins
  • Wazine
  • Piperazine wormer
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