How to Shave Without Getting Cut

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How to Shave Without Getting Cut
Shave Without Getting Cut

There is nothing better than a clean shave. But there is nothing worse than nicking or cutting yourself while shaving. Because then, you've got to cover the cut with a little piece of toilet paper that sticks to your face, and then when you pull it off, it just bleeds all over again. Here's how to avoid that vicious cycle and shave without getting cut.

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    Prepare the face for shaving. Skin is the largest organ in the body. And much like the other organs which you try and take care of, you must take care of the skin. Take a washcloth and run it under hot water. Ring it out and apply it to your face. (Be sure the water isn't scalding.) Allow the washcloth to sit over your face and neck for two minutes. This will allow your skin to soften and your pores to open.

  2. 2

    Add a little water to your face. Now that the pores are open, lightly dab a little warm water over your face and neck. This is the first layer of lubrication.

  3. 3

    Apply shaving cream to the area. Shaving creams run the gambit from the Dollar Store to small jars that seem to cost a fortune. There's no right answer on which one is best. It's about what works for you. Experiment with different shaving creams that you feel suit your skin type.

  4. 4

    Press the razor firmly (but not harshly) against the skin and make a small downward stroke. Be sure you are shaving "with the grain." This means moving the razor in the direction that the hairs grow. Also, keep the strokes short.

  5. 5

    Clean the razor in between strokes. One way to cut yourself is by not cleaning your razor. There is a bunch of hairs built up and the razor "bites" against the skin. Swirl your razor in water frequently during shaving.

  6. 6

    Watch for tough spots to shave. Around the chin, on the neck and by the lips can be a bit tricky and the easiest to accidentally cut. The goal here is to get the skin as flat as possible. For example, if you have somewhat of a cleft chin, slightly pull the skin in one direction, exposing the beard, then shave it. If you merely shave over it, the uneven nature of the skin may cause a piece to get cut.

  7. 7

    Splash your face with cold water when you are done. This will close up the pores that you opened, keeping the skin fresh and lessening the chance for bacterial infection.

  8. 8

    Smooth a little aftershave over your face. You may not realize it, but you just took off some layers of skin along with those hairs. Granted it was dead skin, but you want to replenish and refresh the nutrients of the newly exposed skin by adding an aftershave or moisturizer.

Tips and warnings

  • If you have a problem with razor burn, try shaving every other day. If you must shave for your job, then try using an electric razor just on your face, not on your neck, as the hair on the face grows a bit faster than that of your neck.
  • Change your razor every couple of weeks. Making sure you don't have a dull razor will help you avoid getting cut.

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