How to Make a Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are often a treasured keepsake all through a person's life. Made from scratch or from a panel, baby quilts make wonderful gifts. There are many styles and ways to make a quilt. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Purchase a baby quilt panel, binding tape and thread from your local fabric store. Panels come in a variety of colors, themes and characters. These are completely finished quilts except for the binding.

Wash your purchased panel. When buying the quilt panel, the washing instructions are on the bolt of fabric. For a baby quilt that will be well-used, look for one that can be machine washed.

Measure out your binding tape. Pin this to the edges of the baby quilt panel. Make sure you overlap the ends. Folding under the exposed end gives it a finished look.

Stitch the binding onto your baby quilt. Sew on a sewing machine or do a simple straight stitch by hand.

Choose a block pattern. It will be the building blocks for the quilt. They are squares of fabric with different patterns and designs. These blocks will be sewn together to make the whole quilt.

Plot out your baby quilt. Determine how many blocks it will take to make the baby quilt the size you want. You can use paper patterns to represent your quilt blocks.

Choose your colors. This is a total personal preference. Pastels or primary colors are both good.

Wash your material. Most quilters prefer one-hundred-percent cotton fabric. Machine wash the fabric on "normal." This will remove any chemicals that manufacturers added to the fabric.

Cut out your fabric. The block will dictate the size and shape of your pieces. You can use the paper pattern pieces you made when plotting your quilt.

Assemble the baby quilt. Sew all the pieces together to assemble the blocks. After the blocks are made, arrange and sew them together.

Add any borders you may like. This gives your quilt a finished and tied-together look.

Bring together layers for your baby quilt. You will have the backing, the batting (filler) and then your quilt top. Secure it with pins.

Quilt the three layers together. Quilting implies that you sew through all the layers. You can straight stitch along the patterns themselves, sew in geometrical patterns or just free-sew. This secures all layers together and makes your baby quilt attractive.

Measure and attach your binding with a sewing machine. This gives your quilt a finished look.


A quilt block can be a simple square of fabric. It doesn't need to be elaborate to be beautiful. Consider baby binding for your quilt. Baby binding is made of a silky material. Babies enjoy the feel of this material. It is easily washable and attractive along the edges.


Avoid attaching buttons or bows to the quilt, as they present a choking hazard to babies and small children.

Things You'll Need

  • Quilt panel
  • Binding
  • Thread
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Baby quilt top
  • Batting
  • Backing
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