How to find alternative nursing jobs

Updated February 21, 2017

Nursing jobs are not just the traditional hospital and nursing home jobs. There are so many nursing opportunities available in alternative settings for an experienced nurse; you don't have to be stuck in a job you don't like.

Go online first. Check nursing sites for different jobs and read the job descriptions. Visit nursing message boards and forums for alternative nursing jobs. Ask about the job to get more information.

Visit an online nursing agency to check for alternative jobs they're offering. Check the job description and qualifications for the alternative job you're interested in.

Read your local classified ads under "medical" for alternative jobs. Many alternative jobs are offered in the classifieds, especially for those companies that want local people.

Check for jobs that need a nurse but aren't necessarily in the nursing profession. For example, many insurance companies need nurses not for physical exams, but for medical documentation.

Search for nursing jobs in the armed forces, pharmaceutical sales, medical testing facilities, law practices, doctors offices, chiropractic offices, medical answering services, sales of medical supplies and devices, community outreach workers, public relations, jails and prisons, schools, medical writing and holistic health, to name just a few alternative jobs.

Sign up as a traveling nurse with a traveling nurse company. Traveling nurses work all over, from country settings to the big city. Traveling nurses are offered varied work with excellent pay. They are compensated for travel expenses and housing while working. Some traveling nurses also work overseas. This is a great opportunity for single nurses to make money and see the world.

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