How to Adopt a Child From Colombia

Many couples feel drawn to adopting a child from the country of Colombia. Although there can be long waits for children, the program is considered stable and forthcoming. If you are interesting in adopting a child from Colombia, follow the steps below to start the process.

Understand the requirements for adopting a child from Colombia. The Colombian Institute of Family Welfare requires that the parents' age range fall between 25 to 35 to adopt a child up to 3 years old, 36 to 45 to adopt a child 3 to 6 years old and 45 or older to adopt a child over 7. A single woman can adopt a child 6 or older. Sibling groups are available, as well as children with special needs.

Be aware that there is more than a 2-year wait for infants from Colombia. Both parents must travel to Colombia for 3 to 4 weeks to pick up their child.

Contact an agency that is approved to oversee Colombian adoptions such as Children's Hope International or Word Partners Adoption. Fill out and send in your application for agency approval.

Complete a home study with your agency or a local homestudy agency, following any guidelines set by your state for completing a homestudy.

Collect any other documents you need to complete your dossier, which will be sent to Colombia for approval. This paperwork includes the I-600A form which is an application that must be approved by the US government. This gives you clearance to bring the child back with you to the United States.

Submit your completed homestudy and dossier to your agency. Await approval and then a referral from Colombia. You can then make arrangements to travel and pick up your child.


Make sure that you understand all the paperwork and fees required for the adoption. Ask your agency for more information on the costs and paperwork needed.

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