How to buy pepper spray

Updated February 21, 2017

These days, pepper spray is a big seller as a personal protection alternative to carrying a gun or keeping a dog. Reasons to buy pepper spray include assault statistics and a commitment to non-lethal weapons. There are a variety of ways to obtain pepper spray legally on the open market.

Evaluate market kiosks that offer personal defense equipment. You can purchase pepper spray at these places, but the lack of a storefront means no responsibility on the part of the seller. You may want to buy pepper spray at a more established location.

Visit hardware stores and specialty shops like firearms vendors. You will most likely find a selection of sprays available.

Discuss potency and use issues with the store staff. Get informed on what the different sprays are like. Also, review how sprays are commonly used.

Get informed on features of the spray device including safety functions and tracking information.

Search a wide variety of online vendors who also sell pepper spray to find the best deals on personal defense equipment.


Keep the pepper spray in a safe and concealed environment. The bottom of a bag does not necessarily fit the bill because if a child or someone not knowledgeable on defense equipment gets hold of it in a closed room, everyone can end up breathing it in. Find a secure place to carry the spray and know where it is at all times. Be aware of local law. Some laws may let citizens carry concealed sprays without a permit and some may not. Research the specific requirements of your municipality to be legal and safe about carrying pepper spray.

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