How to get a free computer

Updated February 21, 2017

The goal of putting a computer in every home is coming closer to fruition as a bevy of organizations make free computers available to low-income families and the elderly. But actually getting your hands on one of those free computers may not be in the cards if you don't live in the right state or meet specific qualifications.

Agree to pay a bit more to access the Internet, and you'll discover several companies that are anxious to give you a free computer. You may also have to visit websites generating ads for their clients. A couple of the companies that fall into this category can be found in the Resources section.

Agree to stroll through a bunch of advertisements everytime you surf the web, and you'll discover there are several companies that will give you a free computer. Many are totally free, including Internet access and e-mail.

Receive a free computer or Web TV if you are a disabled veteran without making any commitment for Internet service or paying other monthly fees. See the Resources section for more details.

Obtain a free computer if you are part of a low-income family. There are tons of places that are willing to hand out these computers, but most will only provide them to families living in their local areas. Examples of this type of service can be found in the Resource section.

Meet specific criteria and, if you're a senior citizen, you can get a free computer. Sometimes there's a small fee involved (like shipping and handling), but these computers are totally free for the elderly. You should also check with organizations in your area for free PCs.


Unfortunately there are also a lot of scam artists out there that either want you to spend hours on a PC filling out "surveys" to get a free PC or offering "free PCs" for a monthly service charge, which could add up to more than the computer would cost if purchased from a retail store.

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