How to Treat Haglund's Deformity

You may have Haglund's deformity if you have pain in your heel and a prominent bump there. Haglund's deformity occurs when too much pressure is placed on the heel by ill-fitting shoes. People with large heel bones are more susceptible to this problem. Follow these steps if you have Haglund's deformity.

See a podiatrist. A foot doctor can explain surgical and nonsurgical options for treating Haglund's deformity.

Wear clogs or another style of backless shoe that doesn't put pressure on the heel. If you do wear shoes with backs, place a heel pad between this bone and the back of the shoe.

Find out about physical therapy. Some treatments that have been found to control pain and swelling in Haglund's deformity include soft tissue massage and ultrasound. Iontophoresis involves using a mild electrical current to deliver medication to the inflamed area.

Ask your doctor about treatment options, including surgery. Some surgeons make a small incision in the back of the heel and remove some bone. Others perform a simple procedure know as a wedge osteotomy that involves removing a wedge of bone from the heel. However, surgery is usually not recommended unless you are in extreme pain and other treatment options have not been successful.


If you have surgery for Haglund's deformity, your activities will be on crutches and your activities will be restricted for about 6 days.

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