How to Become a Football Player

Becoming a professional football player is a dream of many young men around the country. While many dream of the opportunity only a few get to make it a reality. If you're serious about being a football player and think you have what it takes, keep reading.

Join your high school football team. The road to football stardom usually begins in high school. Scouts regularly check standout high school seniors, and performing well in high school is what leads to a college scholarship.

Know and understand the game. You can't hope to be a professional football player if you don't understand how the game works from all sides. It's not just important for you to know your position, but all the positions on the field and how they work together to create the game.

Practice. Become the best at whatever your position is. There are thousands of boys around the country who are vying for the same opportunity so the more you practice the better your chances of being a standout at your position.

Land a scholarship to a D-1 school. If you follow Steps 1 through 3 then you will position yourself to get that all-important scholarship. If you don't get a scholarship, attend a D-1 university and walk onto the team. This makes it a lot harder to become a professional football player but your chances will be better than sitting at home uneducated.

Become a standout on your college team. However you make it onto the team you want to make sure you're one of the star players of that team. This means applying Steps 2 and 3 to your college career.

Get an invite to the Combine and impress the scouts. If you've been a standout on the college team and garnered some All-American honors you may be asked to the Combine. This is your chance to impress the scouts who are responsible for drafting for the pro teams. While not getting invited doesn't mean you won't be in the NFL, it definitely increases your chances.

Sit back and wait to be drafted. Your dream of being a professional football player is around the corner.

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