How to Buy Mother-Daughter Bathing Suits

Wearing matching clothes is a fun bonding activity for moms and their daughters alike, and mother-daughter clothes are more popular than ever. Bring this trend to the beach or pool with mother daughter bathing suits. You'll be a stylish duo in colorful matching swimwear.

Shop mother-daughter clothing stores for swimwear. Aqua Swimwear carries a complete "Mommy & Me" line. is a mother-daughter shopping website with a bathing suit section. Seasonally, the Hannah Andersson catalog sells bathing suits.

Keep in mind your comfort level in bathing suits while shopping, as well as what's age-appropriate for your daughter. Bikinis are adorable on toddler girls, but if you haven't had a bikini body since you became pregnant with your daughter, don't feel pressured into mother-daughter bikinis simply to match. Even if you feel perfectly comfortable in a skimpy suit, consider whether this would be a good choice for your preteen daughter.

Ask your daughter which suits she likes the best, if she's old enough to have an opinion. Get her excited about the shopping process, telling her that you can't wait to dress like twins.

Do additional bonding activities during your shopping trip to make the experience a special one. Go out for an ice cream cone after you've found the suits. If you shop online, print out pictures of the suits and bring them to a nail salon. Find nail polish that matches the colors of the suits and spend the time getting pedicures.

Take pictures of you and your daughter in matching swimsuits. Frame one and put it in your little girl's room, so she'll always remember the experience.


You can get your daughter an American Girl doll bathing suit as well as a matching suit in her size, so she can get to play the mommy.

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