How to maintain a duck pond

Updated February 21, 2017

A small flock of ducks floating on a pond in your garden can be an idyllic sight, whether they're your own domestic ducks or wild birds stopping by for a swim. Though ducks are easy to care for and easy to lure to your property with a good pond, you must maintain your pond for the best duck environment.

Use a sturdy liner to keep your pond banks from eroding and to make cleaning it much easier. An overflow pipe diverts excess water away from the pond, and a drain of some sort allows you to flush the water out if necessary.

Keep your duck pond no more than 90 cm (3 feet) deep to make it easy to maintain. You can then use waders to move into the pond to clear out any visible debris.

Add a filtration system, or aerate the water through a small waterfall or another water feature. A small population of fish and certain plants, especially submerged plants, also helps keep the pond water fresh. However, ducks are likely to eat fish and plants.

Keep a water heater in your duck pond in the winter so the ducks have a place to swim all year round. Alternately, you can provide children's wading pools for the ducks in colder weather, which are easier to keep water heaters in.

Allow at least 90 square cm (10 square feet) of water per duck. Less than this can make your pond murky.

Flush the pond regularly, replacing the old water with new, fresh water. You can do this with a garden hose. Or an inflow pipe, especially if diverted from a nearby stream, can also flush out the water.


Your duck pond can be somewhat murky, even you maintain it regularly.

You can use a wading pool as a duck pond for a pair of ducks if you don't have room for a real pond. Completely change the water daily to keep it clean enough to be a healthy place for your ducks to swim.

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