How to House a Myna Bird

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A popular cage bird, the myna can imitate human speech and has found high demand in the Western world. The myna, or mynah as it is also spelled, needs to be housed in a cage or aviary to protect it from common household dangers. Whatever set up you choose, mynas are social creatures that need to interact with their humans or with other birds.

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    Choose a cage measuring at least 4 feet wide by 2 feet deep by 2 feet high. The larger your cage is, the happier the bird will be. Larger cages are always required if you have more than one bird. The bars should be spaced about ½ to ¾ of an inch apart. Many myna owners construct their own cages as those available in stores are often not wide enough.

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    Provide a nest box for your myna to sleep in. While some people cover the cage, your myna will be fine with a box to sleep in. You can either make your own nest box or buy one made for a cockatiel and simply enlarge the opening.

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    Place the cage in an area with a good deal of action, such as a living room or kitchen. Myna's like to be around people and this also encourages them to talk. Just be sure the cage placement protects the bird from any drafts.

  4. 4

    Use a tray or shelf covered with newspaper at the bottom of the cage to catch the bird's messes. You must have a wire mesh barrier between the bottom of the cage and your bird's space. This helps to keep your bird clean and illness free.

  5. 5

    Put a variety of perches in the cage for your bird to hop around on. Use perches of different diameters to exercise your myna's feet and try to get several different materials. Natural branches from many types of wood work as will PVC tubing.

  6. 6

    Give your myna a food shelf and bowls within the cage. You can place fruit on the shelf or the bird can use it to sit on. Your bird must always have fresh water and if possible, a bathing dish at the bottom of the cage. You may want to place some plastic, cloth or other material around the cage to protect your floors and walls from getting wet.

  7. 7

    Pick safe toys to give to your myna. Many commercial bird toys are not suitable for myna's so you may need to improvise.

Tips and warnings

  • Kitty litter can cause serious illnesses for mynas so avoid it.
  • When selecting toys for your myna, avoid anything made with string or rope.

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