How to Buy Throwing Stars

For centuries, marital arts experts of the Far East have used throwing stars as an effective throwing weapon. Unlike a knife, which can only harm a target with one end, a throwing star is dangerous on all sides. Today, throwing stars are more of a symbol of ninja prowess than a dangerous weapon. Follow a few steps to buy a set of throwing stars.

Make sure that throwing stars are legal where you live. A number of countries and American states consider throwing stars to be an illegal weapon. Before you buy a set of stars, make sure that they are legal in your city, state or country.

Consider your reasons for buying throwing stars. Throwing stars are good ornamental weapons and are often made with great craftsmanship and care. On the other hand, if you want a pair of stars to train with, you need a very different kind of star than an ornamental one. Think first about what you'll do with the throwing stars so you buy the right kind.

Buy a set. Throwing stars often come in sets of five and sometimes up to fifteen. Buying a set will give you variety or star styles and backups in case one or more of the stars gets damaged or lost. Also, buying in sets will save you money on shipping, so take advantage of a set of throwing stars.

Check out martial arts supply stores. You can shop online or visit local stores to find excellent selections of throwing stars. Sites like offer a wide variety of styles and quality levels so you can find exactly what you need in a throwing star.

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