How to Go Beachcombing

Those who have patience and luck can find real treasures on the beach. The next time you hit the shore, try finding these objects that have been shaken from the depths of the ocean. Follow these tips to explore the various riches, large and small, beaches have to offer.

Choose the right time. You can beachcomb in any season, but your chances for success rise during the winter, after a storm or high tide has stirred objects up from the depths and brought them ashore. If you go beachcombing year round, you'll find that each season yields different kinds of treasures.

Look for a variety of things, Exploring beaches can yield a treasure trove of objects, ranging from colorful agates, shells, nets, driftwood or even Japanese glass fishing floats of various sizes and colors. However, sometimes the best find is the mysterious, unidentifiable object.

Exercise patience. Walk the beach slowly; treasures can be difficult to see, or they may be hidden. Check that strange pile of sand, or that tangle of seaweed for what might be hiding inside.

Stay safe. The best times for beachcombing may also be the most dangerous. Never turn your back to the tide. Watch out for sneaker waves that can quickly carry the unsuspecting out to sea, and keep an eye out for logs that may be caught on the waves.


Beaches are an important part of the environment; please leave the area better than you found it. Carry a bag to gather trash and throw it away properly. If you turn over a rock to look for sealife, remember to put it back when you are done.

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