How to become a stunt double

Updated February 21, 2017

A stunt double stands in for the actor when the action or fight scene gets dangerous or goes beyond the capabilities of the actor. To become a stunt double, you must be in excellent physical condition and have special skills.

Exercise regularly if you want to become a stunt double. Eat nutritiously for optimal health and strength.

Take lots of lessons because the more skills you have, the better. Gymnastics is extremely important in becoming a stunt double. Get good at trampoline, skateboarding, swimming and high board diving. Take scuba diving lessons. Practice rock climbing and horseback riding. Learn to water ski and snow ski.

Enroll in martial arts classes, especially judo. Judo is excellent for learning how to break falls.

Get training in CPR and First Aid. This training looks good on a resume, especially for stunt double careers. Injuries happen.

Have valid driver's licenses for both car and motorcycle. Take advanced driving classes so you'll be qualified for difficult driving scenes.

Move to Hollywood and plan to work your way up from the bottom. You must get into the Screen Actors Guild and have a union card. Get a job as an extra in a movie. Look for any kind of work that will get your foot in the door. Even running errands on the set can get you in. Establish yourself as a responsible and reliable employee.

Prepare a portfolio with a head-and-shoulders photo and a full-length photo. Have a fact sheet included with your height, weight and measurements. Make sure all of your contact information is on the sheet.

Introduce yourself briefly to the stunt coordinator on any set you have access to. Hand him or her your portfolio and say that you are interested in becoming a stunt double.


Study math and physics. These subjects are helpful in learning the mechanics necessary in performing stunts. Work on your communication and people skills. You must be able to work well with others for long hours under difficult conditions.


Be prepared with a second job. Very few stunt doubles earn their whole living in this career. Most stunt-double work is part-time.

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