How to cure a dog's bad breath

Written by ehow contributor | 13/05/2017

A dog's bad breath can be a sign of poor hygiene or something more serious. Follow these steps to treat your pet's bad breath.

Brush your dog's teeth. This might not get rid of the bad breath completely but it can greatly reduce it. This also prevents plaque build up which can make the bad breath worse.

Take your dog to the veterinarian for a professional dental cleaning. The vet can also determine if gingivitis, periodontal disease or plaque build up are causing the bad breath.

Examine your dog's food. If he is eating raw meat, he will have bad breath. Some canned foods also produce foul smelling breath. Try switching him to dry food and see if it improves.

Notice if your dog is eating garbage or feces. Eliminate this from his diet by either immediately picking up his feces or preventing access to the garbage can.

Visit the veterinarian if his bad breath persists; this could be a symptom of a liver or kidney disorder. It may also be the result of decaying teeth or gum problems that the veterinarian must take care of immediately.

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