How to find legitimate work-at-home jobs

Updated February 21, 2017

Legitimate work-at-home jobs are easy to find if you know how to look for them. Many people these days want to work from home. They may be moms or dads, retired, tired of the rat race or they may just want to make extra money. Now you can find legitimate opportunities by following the instructions below.

Prepare a resume. If you already have one done, fantastic, but you may want to update it. If you are really anxious to find workathome then you may want to have a professional update your resume for you. There are sites that can give you ideas on how to write your resume rather than using a professional, but they also have professional services listed too. You can find these sites in the Additional Resources section.

Join websites such as WAHM and ratracerebellion. The first is a forum with people who are either looking for work or are working at home already. WAHM can give you a lot of advice on where to look and whether the sites are legitimate or not. Ratracerebellion is a list of work-at-home jobs. You can find the links in the Additional Resources section.

Send your resume to all the jobs that you may be interested in. The more places you apply to the more chances you have of getting hired.

Converse with others. This is very important especially when you are waiting for responses to your resume. The people in the forums are great at keeping you sane. They can give you advice and let you know how long it took for them to get a response from different companies.

Report scams. If you find a lead that is a scam, post it in the forums. This will help others when they are looking for legitimate work-at-home jobs.


Never pay for a job unless you are paying for equipment you need to perform the job, such as a headset. Most companies that require a fee for information are scams. If you find links that are not researched, research them yourself before replying to the job advertisement. Be patient. Finding legitimate work can take some time. Explore all the links in the additional resources section.

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