How to Buy a Rental Car From Enterprise

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are in the market for a used car, consider buying one from Enterprise Rental Cars. They claim to have over 120 models available at any given time, so it is likely they have what you are looking for in a late model car. Just follow these steps.

Go to Enterprise Car Sales via the company's main webpage.

Enter your zip code in the upper right-hand section called "Buy a Certified Used Car." This will bring up the cars available for sale from Enterprise in your area. You can narrow the search by specifying a make and model if you wish.

Browse through the list until you see one that interests you. Most of the cars will have a picture on the website. All of them will include basic data like the make, model, year, interior and exterior colour, mileage and location.

Make an arrangement to see and test drive the vehicle that interests you. Call the phone number on the website, email the rental car sales facility or go to the dealership.

Take a test drive. You must know the six-digit stock number of the car you want to try out to be sure it is the exact one that you saw on the website.

Arrange your financing. Do this at the car sales facility or on your own through your bank or credit union.

Drive away in your new-to-you former Enterprise rental car!


Enterprise rental cars are sold at a fixed, "no haggle" price. Enterprise Rental Car will accessorise your car with sunroofs, stereos and anti-theft systems at an additional cost. This is not included in the "no haggle" price.


Look at the underside of any used rental car to see if it has been driven hard. Have a mechanic inspect the car to see if he or she can find any potential problems before you buy. Study the maintenance records carefully to see if there are any recurrent problems with this specific car.

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