How to Install a CB Radio in Your Car

There are many reasons purchase a CB radio for your car. Police are constantly monitoring channels 9 and 19, so if you ever have an emergency, you can call for help. You can also stay in contact with friends and business associates while you drive. Here's how to install a unit.

Disconnect the battery cables, using the proper size wrench or socket. If you are unsure of the size needed, check the vehicle's repair manual.

Mount your CB box. Pick a spot that is out of the way but that you can reach while driving. Use the supplied mounting brackets to attach the CB. Try to drill as few holes as possible by drilling through the mounting brackets once they are attached.

Power the CB, which runs off the vehicle's 12-volt power supply. Route the power wire (red) to the vehicle's fuse block and connect the wire to an accessory output. Check the vehicle owner's manual for accessory outputs on the fuse block. Ground the CB radio to the chassis of the vehicle with the ground wire (black).

Mount the antenna. Choose a spot to mount the antenna that allows you to run the least amount of coax cable without the antenna standing up too high. You can mount magnet-mount antennas without drilling holes.

Connect the antenna to the CB. Route the antenna coax cable to the antenna. Plug the antenna coax cable in the antenna input of the CB radio. Make sure the cable is securely attached, or you will get static and a poor signal.

Connect the CB microphone. Plug the microphone cord into the mic input on the front of the radio. Screw the mic cable connector until it tightens.

Reconnect the battery and start the car. Turn the CB radio on to ensure it is working properly.


If you have a business where you use CB radios, pick a business channel that will not interfere with police scans. Shorter antennae are available if antenna height is an issue.


Do not casually use the channels the police monitor. These channels are meant for emergency and informational use. Make sure the battery cables are not connected when installing the CB radio in your car. If the battery cables are connected, you could receive an electrical shock.

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