How to Troubleshoot the Microphone on a Nintendo DS Lite

If the microphone on your Nintendo DS Lite doesn't function, you won't be able to record your voice for online play unless you fix the problem. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the microphone on a Nintendo DS Lite.

Restart your Nintendo DS Lite. Sometimes a quick restart will fix your microphone problem.

Check whether your microphone volume is up. Access this feature through your DS Lite's menu. If the microphone's volume is down, it will not receive any sound.

Make sure the volume on your Nintendo DS Lite is up. If your speakers are off, you won't hear whether your microphone works.

If these steps do not correct the problem, take your Nintendo DS Lite to an authorized repair technician.


Consult the owner's manual for information and technical support numbers.


Never disassemble your Nintendo DS Lite or you will void the warranty.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • Microphone
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