How to add a balcony to a house

Adding a balcony to your house is a great way to utilise the space you already have and will add to the versatility and value of your home. It can be used as an entertainment area, a family eating space or just somewhere to relax on a hot summer’s day. If well-designed and well-built, it can be like adding a new room to your house.

Apply for planning permission. There are two possible ways of building a balcony on to your house, both will require that you ask the local planning office for permission. One consideration they may have is how your balcony will affect others, for example, they may be concerned it might intrude on neighbouring houses. They may also require you to adhere to certain building regulations.

Decide what type of balcony you will need to have. If you have an existing single story extension you will be able to use this as the base for your balcony, if not you will need to have the balcony built either out of wood, steel or most likely a combination of the two. The size of your balcony will be determined by the space you have available but may also be restricted by the planning office.

Find a manufacturer for your balcony. Depending on what material you have chosen, you will need to find a local company to design and build your balcony. Use the Internet to search for either steel fabricators, carpenters or balcony manufacturers. Get more than one quote and ask to look at examples of previous work; reputable companies will willingly agree to this.

Be part of the design process. Try to have a picture in your mind of how you would like the balcony to look. The designer should be able to interpret your ideas and make suggestions. Access is another consideration if you would like a staircase on the outside as well as access through patio doors.The design process is important, even if your balcony is to be built on an existing extension, as you will still need railings and a base. This will be required by the planning office too, as the loading will need to be spread to the outside walls, rather than just on the roof.

Give the go-ahead for your balcony to be built. Once you have agreed a design and price for your balcony, book a date for installation. The company you use may also offer the service of installing new doors to give access from the existing house to the new balcony, if not a local builder or window installer should be sought.


If the balcony is to be built on top of an existing extension some of the work can be DIY, however if you are having a standalone balcony built and attached to your house it is recommended that you have it installed by professionals.

When planning the balcony don’t forget to think about the area underneath the new balcony.

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