How to find free funeral mass programme templates

Updated April 17, 2017

Devout Catholics hold a funeral mass to say goodbye to a loved one. It is traditional to create a commemorative programme for the mass, which often includes a photograph of the deceased, the words of hymns or psalms sung during the service and details of Bible readings. Whilst many may turn to professional printers, it is possible to produce them at home using design templates available online.

Research the free templates available online. A number of companies provide downloadable templates. You will probably have to look through a few before you find a design that suits your taste, and suits the character of the deceased. Some of the available free templates are very elaborate and may not suit British funeral customs. However, some provide a basic template that you can customise as you wish. Some companies ask you to "like" their Facebook pages before you can download the free template. The Funeral Program site takes this approach. (See resources)

Look at Pinterest for creative funeral programme design ideas. It has a page devoted to printable funeral service templates in a variety of styles. However, don't expect all of the templates to be free: some sites offer one free template, but alternative templates cost money.

Catholic organisations are also a source of free templates. For example, the Irish organisation RIP offers a basic design for a funeral mass template with clear instructions about where to insert specific details. It follows the standard Catholic order of service for the funeral mass. You should discuss the contents of the service with your priest and family before starting work on the programme. Print off the template and write notes on it before you customise it.

Download the template. Most free templates are compatible with working in MS Word 2003 or above on either a Windows or Mac platform.

Adapt a free template from MS Word or Publisher. These come as part of the package. However, unless you are reasonably skilled at using templates, you may find it time-consuming. A few of the brochure templates are suitable for a funeral. You won't find any described as funeral service templates, although templates for other special occasions are available.

Things You'll Need

  • MS Word 2003 or above
  • Printer
  • Ink
  • Card or paper
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