How to catch carp with a dog biscuit

Carp are fished in waters around the world. Every person who enjoys fishing has their own favorite type of bait for catching different species. A trick that seems to be well known, but not often trusted is using a dog biscuit to catch carp; this is one of a group of non traditional baits, which includes cat biscuits, sweetcorn and tiger nuts, Total Fishing reports. Used in combination with feed to attract carp the bait is commonly used in rivers and lakes.

Purchase a box of dog biscuits, usually containing corn to attract the fish. Boil water in a kettle and place some of the bog biscuits in a bait tub; pour the boiling water on top of the dog biscuits until they are covered and immediately drain. Pour the moist dog biscuits into a plastic bag and add fish food. Close the bag and shake it to cover the biscuits with the fish food.

Cut a piece of fishing line around a metre (three feet) long with a knife or scissors and set it aside. Tie a controller onto the end of the line attached to the reel of the fishing rod and attach the three foot long piece of line to the same controller. Bait the hook by placing two pieces of dog biscuit onto the hook before attaching the hook to the end of the line.

Fire feed, such as pellets and expanding food into the water to create a small area around the size of a dustbin lid for the carp to feed in around 16 m (50 ft) from the shore. Watch the feed and monitor the direction of the current; cast the fishing line with the hook and controller attached into the water beyond the feed. Drag the baited hook into the feed and wait for the carp to bite the hook before reeling in the caught fish.


Do not overfeed the area to be fished as the carp will often ignore the dog biscuit bait when too much food is available in an area. If the carp are already feeding in an area of the lake or river a dog biscuit baited line can be cast into the feeding area.


Care should be taken when using a knife or scissors to cut the line; hooks are also sharp and could cause an injury when handled incorrectly.

Things You'll Need

  • Fishing rod
  • Reel
  • Controller
  • Fishing line
  • Line grease
  • Feed
  • Dog biscuits
  • Bait tub
  • Water
  • Hook
  • Plastic bag
  • Fish food
  • Kettle
  • Knife
  • Catapult
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