How to get a passport (ALL THE STEPS)

The easiest method for applying for a new passport, whether it be a renewal, a replacement for a lost or stolen passport, or a first time passport, is to apply online via the Identity And Passport Service website, and fill out the posted form once the application is sent through. The application is simple, but requires all relevant information to hand.

Go to the passport application website (, and select “Start application process” at the bottom of the page. Before getting to the main part of the application process, in section 1 confirm that you understand the written warnings and are not travelling in the next four weeks by selecting the "Yes" and "No" checkboxes. If your passport is lost or stolen, in section 3 select whether it was lost or stolen. In section 2 confirm the type of passport required and if your passport is lost or stolen, on section 3 select whether it was lost or stolen. In section 4 choose from any additional services that might be needed - either "braille sticker required," "request return of documents by Secure Delivery," or "48 page passport required."

Fill in your personal details online in section 5, including who the passport is for, the address of the applicant, and the contact details (address, daytime and eveing phone numbers, and email.) On the next page, in section 6, fill in the applicant’s birth details - country of birth, town of birth and gender. Then, fill in the passport details, which will require your passport number if you have it. If lost or stolen, fill in the lost/stolen details, with where the passport was lost or stolen, the holder's name at the time, the passport number and where it was issued.

Check that all information is correct on the application summary by reading through each step very carefully. If not, select“Change this step” on the title of the relevant step to make any amends. When ready, click "Next" at the bottom of the page, then “Submit application” on the final section to validate the application.

Fill out the pre-printed application form once received in the post, and send back to the required address for processing, which will be included on the pre-paid envelope inside. Make sure that all photocopied documents asked for are included (form of photo ID i.e. driver's license, national insurance number and birth certificate,) as are two identical passport-sized photos that follow the photo guidelines included in the letter, valid signatures, and account details from the back account you wish to make the payment from.

If all forms have been filled out correctly and there are no further issues, the passport should arrive within three weeks of application. If not, you will be contacted and resent the form so that you can refill any parts with errors.


Fill in as much information as possible to avoid any future delays. Follow the passport photo guidelines to avoid any problems with the photos. If you need help on anything on the website, click on "More help" next to the part you are stuck with. You only need to fill in the sections with asterisks next to them.


Make sure all information is correct when entered, to avoid any possible delays with the application. When submitting the online application form, make sure the button is only clicked once to avoid any problems.

Things You'll Need

  • Passport application website
  • Current passport (if not lost/stolen)
  • Pre-printed application form
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Payment details
  • Relevant ID documents (photo ID, National Insurance number)
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