How to transfer CDs to the iPad

Updated April 17, 2017

Although your CD music collection might be a source of pride and joy, the CDs themselves can end up gathering dust on shelves as technology changes and old-style CD players go out of fashion. One way to enjoy your CDs again without the hassle of changing discs and skipping through tracks to find your favourite songs is to transfer the music from the CD to your Apple iPad tablet. The iPad doesn't come with a built-in CD drive, so you will need to use iTunes on your computer to rip the CD and transfer the music to the iPad's library.

Launch Apple iTunes on your laptop or desktop PC. If prompted by an onscreen notification, update to the latest version of the iTunes software.

Insert an audio CD with songs you want to transfer in your computer's optical drive, which you'll usually find on the front panel of a desktop PC or on the side of a laptop.

Wait a few seconds for iTunes to detect the CD and look up track information, including artists, song name and album name on the internet. Click the "Yes" button to import all tracks on the CD to iTunes on your computer. If you just want to transfer a few tracks from the CD, click "No" and then click to deselect the check boxes beside those tracks you don't want to transfer. Click "Import CD" to start the transfer.

Monitor the progress of the import procedure in the iTunes status window. The program displays an import progress bar for each track as it automatically transfers, encodes and compresseses content in the high-quality AAC audio format.

Connect your iPad to the computer wirelessly via your home Wi-Fi network or with the USB cable that came with your iPad. If you choose the wireless option, you must have enabled Wi-Fi syncing on the device and both the computer and the iPad must be connected to the same network.

Select the "iPad" icon under Devices in the left sidebar, and then click the "Apply" button in the main program window. ITunes automatically syncs the content transferred from the CD so that you can access the songs from the Music app on the iPad.


Enable Wi-Fi syncing on the iPad by tapping "Settings," "General" and then "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync."

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