How to find free stuff in the iTunes store

Apple's iTunes Store is packed with music, movies, TV shows, e-books, digital magazines, podcasts and apps, with new content added all the time. While much of this material comes at a price, there's also plenty of free stuff you can download and enjoy for no charge. The iTunes Store often showcases free offers, and you can also use its built-in navigation controls to find free content as it appears.

Launch iTunes and follow the "iTunes Store" link if your local library appears by default. Some free offers may be showcased on the front page of the iTunes Store -- scroll down the page to see if any content is currently being given away free of charge.

Click through the "Music," "FIlms" and "TV Programmes" sections using the headings at the top. Keep an eye out for free tracks, movies and television episodes that are sometimes offered on an ad hoc basis. Any free items will be featured on the front page for these three sections.

Open the "Films" tab and click the "Free on iTunes" link underneath the Featured heading on the right. The subsequent page shows featurettes, short clips, movie-related apps and film-themed podcasts that can be accessed free of charge.

Follow the "App Store" link to see apps available for iOS. Select the "Top Free Apps" link to see a list of free apps currently proving popular with other users. Click "App Store" to return to the front page then choose any category from the drop-down list on the right to see a list of top free apps specific to that category.

Select "Books" to switch to the e-books section of the iTunes Store. Follow the "Free Books" link from the right-hand side to see titles currently available for free: you can view popular and breakout books, as well as browse by category.


Most of the content available in the Podcasts and iTunes U sections of the iTunes Store is available free of charge. You can browse through the material on offer using the section headings displayed on the right or by clicking on any of the items featured on the section front pages.

The above steps were tested on the iTunes Store in the UK in June 2013. Apple changes the layout and offers available in the Store on a regular basis, so you may find some of the free sections have moved or been altered if you are accessing the store at a later date.

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