How to get makeup sponsors on YouTube

In order to get makeup brands to sponsor your YouTube channel, you will need to manage a channel which is clearly related to the makeup industry and which receives a lot of traffic. YouTube users who regularly upload useful videos that give fresh makeup ideas and effective tips, are the ones who receive the most traffic, and consequently, the ones who land the biggest interest by sponsors.

Get your YouTube channel up and running and post at least one new video related to makeup concerns every week. You should also link a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Profile and Google+ Profile to your YouTube channel from the very start. Be an active social network member within the makeup industry, become a fan of other YouTube bloggers who produce great content and promote your material via all means possible every day.

Hire a professional website programmer to design a website for you. Make sure the website has a blogging section and that the design focuses on the use of images. Makeup experts must be able to showcase products, makeup application tips and reviews through high-quality images.

Blog regularly on your website, as much as you upload videos to YouTube. Promote the videos you upload on your YouTube channel, review products, comment on important news within the beauty industry and give other blogging experts the chance to contribute too. The more interesting your blog and YouTube channel are, the more readers and subscribers you will earn and the more interest this will spark from large makeup brands and other kinds of beauty industry sponsors.

Be professional and develop a media kit. Your media kit can either be available as a downloadable PDF document or printed for everyone to see on a page on your website. Your media kit should include vital statistics and other information that makeup sponsors will want to know about before investing in your YouTube channel. You can include the number of YouTube channel subscribers, the number of hits your website receives per month, how many followers you have via Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and you might also want to list information about other sponsors you already have or product reviews you have already completed.

Start small and contact small, independent makeup companies directly via email or telephone, offering to review their products for free, feature them on your YouTube channel and blog in exchange for a little sponsorship. Large makeup brands will be focusing their efforts on YouTube experts who have large followings and can really help to promote their brands. Whilst you are building on developing your YouTube channel and subscriber following, invest in smaller sponsors who need as much coverage online as possible.


Review as many makeup products on YouTube as possible.


Remember to disclose information about your sponsors to your viewers.

Things You'll Need

  • YouTube channel
  • Twitter profile
  • Facebook fan page
  • Google+ profile
  • Website
  • Media kit
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