Bose Sounddock: How to replace the original power supply

As of May 2013, the latest version of the Bose SoundDock is the SoundDock Series III digital music system. The system does not use batteries and needs to be connected to an electrical wall outlet. Please click “FAQs” tab). The system comes with a power pack and cord.

Check the Bose website for the SoundDock power pack and cord under “Accessories.” Check elsewhere online for the SoundDock power pack and cord if you cannot find it on the Bose website. At the time of writing, it is possible to locate several SoundDock power packs and cords for sale on online auction sites. However, the availability of items on auction sites obviously varies from time to time.

Use Bose’s Dealer Locator tool to locate Bose Stores, Bose Excellence Centres, Hi-Fi Dealers, Bose Dealers and Factory Stores. Insert your post code in the box and select your preferred categories of retailers by ticking their boxes. Use the “Search Radius in Miles:” down-arrow to select the maximum distance from home you wish to search. Click the blue “Search >>” button. Retailer locations will be shown giving name, address, telephone and email details. Contact these retailers to see if they can supply a SoundDock power pack and cord.

Disconnect the original SoundDock power pack and cord when you manage to obtain new ones. Plug the new cord into the pack. Connect the end of the pack cable to the “DC Power” input on the back of your unit. Insert the plug into a wall outlet and switch on.

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