How to make an Acer laptop boot from CD

Updated April 17, 2017

System crashes, viruses and malicious software can all damage your computer or put your personal data at risk and sometimes you might need to boot the computer from the recovery CDs to reinstall the original software and drivers. Acer laptop computers can boot from different devices, including the integrated hard drive, USB pen drives and recovery CDs. To force your Acer laptop to boot from a CD, insert the disc and restart the computer in boot mode.

Insert the first system recovery CD in the laptop computer's CD/DVD optical drive, which you'll find on the right side of the device. If your Acer doesn't have an optical drive, connect an external CD/DVD driver with a USB cable.

Press the "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" keys on the computer keyboard at the same time to restart the Acer laptop. Using this keyboard shortcut is a quick way to restart the system and will work if your computer is unresponsive and you can't use the mouse or touchpad.

Wait for the computer to shut down and restart. As soon as you see the Acer logo on the start screen, press and hold down the "F12" key to open the boot menu. The Acer displays several boot options on the screen.

Use the directional arrow keys to highlight and select the "CDROM/DVD" option in the boot menu, and then press the "Enter" key. Wait for Windows to reinstall. The computer might restart several times during this process.

Remove the first recovery CD and insert the second recovery CD when the computer displays the on-screen prompt. Wait for the rest of the software and drivers that originally came with the laptop to reinstall again. The computer will restart at the end of the process and you should be able to use it as normal.


Some Acer laptops come with the recovery CDs supplied while others prompt you to crate recovery discs when you first set up the computer. Always create recovery CDs if prompted so that you can rescue the computer in the event of a major problem, such as a virus or system crash.


Using the recovery discs is often a last resort option after you've tried everything else to repair your computer. Recovering the system from the CDs will wipe all personal files from your hard drive, so back up your system regularly so that you have copies of documents, photos, music and other files that you can then transfer back to the recovered computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Two system recovery CDs
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