How to install a RockShox PopLoc

Written by stephen byron cooper | 13/05/2017
How to install a RockShox PopLoc
You will connect the PopLoc to the spool on the front wheel fork. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

RockShox are specialist wheel forks and rear suspension units manufactured by SRAM Corportation in the USA for high-performance bicycles. The PushLoc/PopLoc is a button mounted on the handlebars that allows the rider to freeze out the suspension and then reengage it. This part has to be connected from the handlebars to the wheel fork and rear suspension in order to operate.

Ensure that the motion control’s spool on the front wheel fork is in the right position. The pinch bolt should be pointing forwards.

Fix the push/pop button to the handlebars with the provided bracket. Place it on whichever side is more comfortable for you. Put it into its open position. Turn the compression adjuster to its maximum setting counter-clockwise.

Measure the distance between the button and the front wheel spool. Cut the housing tube for the connecting wire to this length. Insert the housing tube into its socket on the side of the button.

Insert the connecting wire through the hole in the back of the PopLoc. The structure of the PopLoc will guide it through to the housing tube as you feed the wire in. Keep pushing in more of the wire until it appears out of the other end of the tube. This will bring it within range of the spool on the front wheel fork.

Pinch hold of the wire at the end near the fork spool and pull more of it through the tube. A terminator on the other end of the wire will block the wire from running out of the button. Wrap the wire once around the spool to form a “U.” Use the 2mm Allen key to loosen the pinch bolt on the spool. Pull the wire so it slips into the gap that opens up as the spool loosens.

Tighten up the pinch bolt with the Allen key to trap the wire into the spool. Cut off the excess wire at the side of the spool that does not go to the button. Stick a terminator on the cut end of the wire so it does not fray.

Things you need

  • 2mm Allen key

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