How to sterilise razors

With proper maintenance, some quality razors can have a long life and produce a clean shave time and time again. Money can also be saved by using some disposable razors more than once if they show little signs of wear. However, it is essential to clean razors of all build-up and keep the blades sterile between uses as a number of skin infections can be carried by razors. People who live in houses where there is a risk of razors being shared by accident should also ensure that razors are sterilised to prevent infections spreading from one person to another.

Rinse the razor under a hot water tap immediately after shaving. The hot water will help to kill any bacteria as well as removing hair and shaving foam before it dries and becomes difficult to remove. Turning the razor over to rinse both sides will help to loosen debris and prepare the razor for a more thorough cleaning process.

Prepare a bowl of hot water to soak the razor in. Adding a little washing-up liquid, preferably a product with antibacterial properties, and a pinch of salt will help to loosen any debris that is difficult to remove from the razor and kill any bacteria on it. Once the water, soap and salt solution has been prepared, the razor can be gently dropped in and left to soak until dried scum begins to lift. Allowing time for the water to cool will also allow enough time for extra sterilisation and prevent the risk of burning your hand when retrieving the razor.

Remove excess debris to ensure all surfaces are clean. Ordinary household objects such as a clean toothbrush, cocktail stick or cotton bud can all be useful when it comes to removing caked-on soap and hair once it has been loosened in the hot water. However, this should be done gently to avoid causing any damage to the razor.

Sterilise the clean razor. Now that the razor has been cleaned of all shaving products and hair, it should be disinfected by soaking in a new bowl of hot water, soap and salt or cleaned in a rubbing alcohol solution before being rinsed thoroughly.

Dry the razor. Freshly sterilised razors should be dried gently and thoroughly before they are stored away, particularly if a plastic blade protector is normally placed on the end of the razor. Wet razors can be damaged by rust if they are not dried correctly and wet surfaces also provide an environment for bacteria to multiply. A clean, dry towel or cloth will ensure that the razor is ready to be stored away while thorough air drying may be more suitable for delicate parts of a razor that can easily be damaged.

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