How to firm your buttocks fast

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How to firm your buttocks fast
Firming buttocks will give extra confidence on the beach. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Many people are conscious of the way that their buttocks look in jeans or close-fitting dresses and the problem becomes worse as we get older. However, there are ways to take control and firm the buttocks. By combining a healthy diet with exercises that focus on the glutes, it is possible to make the buttocks look firmer and more lifted. A daily routine of toning exercises and paying attention to diet can help to improve the appearance of any bottom, even when genetics make the task a more challenging one.

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    Work the buttocks with squats and lunges. Practising squats and lunges on a daily basis will soon firm the buttocks as the two exercises really focus on the glutes. Working towards doing three sets of 10 squats each day and moving your feet closer together each time you do squats will help to increase the intensity of the workout. 10 repetitions of forwards lunges and side lunges will also help to firm different muscles in the buttocks.

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    Increase resistance by using weights. Exercises such as dead lifts are an effective way to use weights to make the glutes work harder and firm the buttocks faster. In order for the exercise to work well, feet should be in line with the shoulders to begin with. Weights should be in front of your thighs and your back should be straight with tummy tucked in as the weights are lowered to shin height and then raised again with the glutes being squeezed and feeling the resistance. Working towards 10 repetitions, three times will firm the buttocks fast.

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    Use the stairs. Climbing stairs works the muscles required to firm the buttocks. Running up stairs or using a climbing machine for 20 minutes or longer, a few times each week, are both effective ways to exercises towards tighter glutes. To begin with, it can be beneficial to run up and down a few steps at a time, gradually increasing the number of steps used.

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    Look at your diet. Diet has a big impact of the shape of a person’s bottom. Diets that are low in fat and carbohydrates can help the buttocks to look firmer, when combined with exercise. However, it is also important to ensure that the body still receives enough essential nutrients during this time of increased exercise.

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    Improve your posture. Working on your posture is a simple way to improve the appearance of the buttocks. Poor posture can cause shoulders to curve and the pelvis to be tucked away so that the buttocks lack shape. Concentrating on posture and practising exercise methods such as pilates can improve posture and alter the appearance of a person’s bottom.

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