How to hide asymmetrical eyes with makeup

Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face, and the eyes are one of the areas that can make facial asymmetry more noticeable. Eyes may appear to be different sizes, one eye may droop a little more than the other one does or one eyelid may be larger than the other. However, most people are far more aware of flaws in their own appearance than other people are. One way to hide asymmetrical eyes and boost confidence is to use makeup techniques, offering a cheaper, safer alternative to corrective surgery.

Apply concealer to hide the dark circles and puffiness that can affect the appearance of your eyes. As the effects of tiredness can affect each eye differently, they can cause eyes to look asymmetrical or increase the contrast between eyes that are already unbalanced. Using a brush to apply a light concealer will help to hide red, puffy eyes and dark circles and leave the eyes looking more symmetrical. Applying concealer beneath an eye that droops more than the other can also help to make the difference less noticeable.

Use eyeshadow techniques to balance out the eyes. Light, iridescent colours can open up the eye area and make a small lid appear larger. Applying a light colour in the inside corner of a smaller eye can also help it to look bigger. Using a darker, matte shade on the larger eye can make it look smaller, balancing out eyes of different sizes. The difference in eyeshadow colour should be subtle and is combined with bold lashes to make the colour difference less noticeable to others.

Curl lashes. Using lash curlers can help to hide uneven eyelids, especially when the lashes are also coated in dark mascara. As curled lashes help to make eyes appear larger, it can also be beneficial to curl the lashes on a smaller eye alone before applying mascara to both eyes and hiding the fact that they are two different sizes. False eyelashes can also help to hide asymmetrical eyes and applying a few single lashes to the outer corner of an eye that droops more than the other can give a lifting effect that balances out the eyes.

Apply eyeliner. Drawing eyeliner lines can help eyes to appear more balanced. When one eye droops more than the other, eyeliner on the upper lid of the droopy eye should lift slightly at the outer edge to help the eyes look more even. When eyes are different sizes, a white or peach eyeliner should be drawn on the inner rim of the smaller eye and a darker shade should be used on the inner rim or the larger eye to balance out the size difference.

Another easy way to hide asymmetrical eyes is to simply draw attention to other areas of the face. Makeup can be used to highlight these areas, such as the lips, to keep attention away from less symmetrical features.

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