How to extract vocals using FL Studio

FL Studio approximates the function of a recording studio on your computer, allowing you to record, edit and mix your own music at home. If you want to remove vocals from a song in FL studio, for example to create a karaoke backing track or to get rid of a bad take, there are two ways to do it, depending on the type of source material you have at your disposal. If you wish to extract the vocals to use in another song, you can do this only if you have the session files.

Extracting vocals from a FL Studio session

Double-click the FL Studio icon to launch the program. Select the session from which you want to remove the vocals from the “File” menu. When removing vocals from a FL Studio session, you have access to each individual audio file, making the process of removing the vocal cleaner and easier as you can access it as a single piece of audio.

Identify the vocal file or files. If you labelled the channels as you recorded them, this should be as easy as scrolling down the the Playlist window until you spot “vocals main,” “backing vocals” or whatever names you gave the tracks.

Click the green mute button at the bottom of each channel strip that contains vocals. This prevents the vocals from being audible in the track during playback. If you save the track now, you’ll still be able to unmute the vocals at a later point if you wish. If you elect to export the track using the “File” menu, the exported audio track will not contain the vocals. If you wish to extract the vocal for use in another session, switch to "Pattern" mode, select the vocal file, click "File" and select "render." When prompted, select a location in which to save the audio.

Removing vocals from a master recording or sample

Double-click FL Studio to launch. From the “File” menu, select “New.” This opens a blank session. Click “File” again and select “Import.” From the drop-down menu, browse your local machine to select the audio file from which you want to remove vocals. Click it when you find it to load it into the FL Studio database. Extracting vocals from a mastered or sampled recording is tricky because you don’t have access to the individual audio files.

Deselect “Master Send,” then route the imported audio file from its original channel into two more separate channels using the route button on the channel strip so you have the original channel and two extras.

Click “FX” and select “Fruity Stereo Shaper,” on each new channel. This tool enables you to enhance or attenuate each of the stereo sections of the recorded audio.

Set the “left” and “right” slider dials on “Fruity Stereo Shaper” to -1 on both channels. This inverts the phase of each channel and creates an effect called phase cancellation. Because vocals are typically mixed to the centre on a mastered recording, you effectively cancel them out by inverting the phase of the audio. This causes degradation of the overall sound to varying degrees, but effectively extracts the vocals from the mix.


Use the Fruity Loops Studio parametric eq tool to repair some of the damage caused to the audio after phase cancellation.

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