How to make a map on "Farming Simulator"

"Farming Simulator" is a game that simulates the environment of a modern working farm. The player builds his farm on a series of maps and uses a variety of tools and machinery to rear livestock and grow and harvest crops. Unlike many games "Farming simulator" is "modder friendly," encouraging fans and players to modify elements of the game and create new maps. "Farming Simulator" uses the GIANTS engine, which comes with a free editor. This can be used to design and build new maps.

Register at the GIANTS Developer Network. It's free but you will need to create an account in order to download the editor.

Log in to your account. Click "Downloads" then select the latest version of the GIANTS Editor.

Double-click the GIANTS Editor executable to start the program. Go to "File" then select "Open." Select an existing map and click "OK." The map will be loaded into the editor and you can use it as the basis for a new map.

Go to "Window" then select "Terrain Editing." A drop-down box will appear with terrain types and options.

Click the "Terrain Sculpt Mode" button at the top of the window. You can now raise or lower areas of the terrain. Use the right mouse button to raise terrain, the left mouse button to lower terrain and the middle mouse button to smooth or flatten areas of terrain.

Click the "Terrain Texture Paint Mode" button. Select a terrain texture such as "Darkgranite," "Beachsand," "Rocks" or "Wheat." Apply the texture to your terrain using your mouse like a paintbrush. You can have up to 4 layers of texture per "chunk" of terrain.

Click the "Terrain Foliage Paint Mode" button. Select a type of foliage and apply in the same way as the textures.

Delete objects you don't want to keep by clicking them and pressing the "Delete" key. Click the small house shaped icon to add your own objects. Select an object from the list then click a spot on the map to place it. Click and drag with your mouse to move existing objects to a new place on the map.

Go to "File" then select "Save As..." Choose a name for your map and save to the "/maps" folder in your game folder.

Start a new game of "Farming Simulator." Open the map to play test and check for any issues.

Things You'll Need

  • GIANTS editor
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