How to un-password-protect an Excel spreadsheet

Created by US software giant Microsoft, Excel is a leading spreadsheet program that allows individuals or companies to create thousands of spreadsheets, known as "workbooks," for business or personal purposes. For security reasons, passwords are often applied to these workbooks so only designated users can view or edit them. Assuming you have administrative privileges or the necessary authority, removing these passwords is a simple process that only takes about a minute.

Start Microsoft Excel and open the specific workbook from which you wish to remove the password. Move your mouse cursor to the top left corner, click the "File" tab and then click the "Save As" option on the next screen.

Open the "Tools" menu and click "General Options." Navigate to the "Password to Open" window, double-click the line of asterisks and then remove the password protection by pressing the "Delete" key once.

Click "OK," then choose and click the "Save" option. Finally, click on the word "Yes" to replace the old password-protected workbook with a new version that does not feature a password.

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