How to fix no network coverage on a Sony Ericsson mobile phone

Written by paul bayliss | 13/05/2017
How to fix no network coverage on a Sony Ericsson mobile phone
A few quick checks can solve network problems on Sony Ericsson phones. (Getty Thinkstock)

Sony Ericsson mobiles phones are available on contract with many of the UK’s networks including Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange. Popular models include the Xperia range, the Sony Ericsson txt and the Mix Walkman.

Problems with network coverage can occur and this will either be due to a problem with the network provider, user error or a fault with the phone.

Check the phone has not been set to flight mode as this will block network coverage. Turn off flight mode to fix this problem.

Look for the network signal on your phone. If the phone is not receiving a signal or the received signal is too weak to operate, contact your network provider and see if there are problems your area.

Test your SIM card if your network provider tells you that the phone should be receiving coverage. Remove the card and clean it first of all, before re-inserting and checking for a signal. If your card is scratched or damaged, contact your network provider to have it replaced.

If the SIM card does not appear to be damaged but is not working try it in another phone. If it then works, it is likely to be your phone that is faulty. Contact the nearest Sony Ericsson service centre. The number for the UK centre is 08705 237 237.

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