How Does Spider Repellant Work?

Written by jessica saras
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How Does Spider Repellant Work?
(Derek Benjamin Lilly)

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How Does Spider Repellent Work?

If you're like most people, the thought of creepy, crawly spiders in or around your home does not appeal to you. In addition to fatally venomous species like brown recluses and black widows, even the most harmless types of spiders can lead to panic and fear. And although spiders can be beneficial--they eat other pests, such as mosquitoes and flies--their presence is not always welcome. So how can you get rid of them? There's the primitive method of squishing them with your foot, but for those who prefer less violent options, spider repellent is safe and effective.

The Magic Behind Spider Repellent

Insect repellents have been used for more than 40 years, and spider repellent is no exception. Available in various formats such as creams, gels, lotions and sprays, spider repellent works by blocking the spider's sensors. Although spiders are not attracted to skin odours the way mosquitoes are, they can be drawn to movement. When this happens, the spider uses its sensors to locate the source of the movement and potentially take a bite. Spider repellent, therefore, jams the spider's sensors, confusing its sense of direction and vision, so that the arachnid is unable to find the source. In addition, the repellents often use a scent that spiders tend to avoid to mask the area's true smell. Available in both synthetic and natural formats, most repellents are relatively safe and work for 2 to 3 hours.

Other Ways to Keep Spiders at Bay

In addition to using spider repellent, there are several things you can do to prevent spiders from creeping around your home. When it comes to spiders, cleanliness is a good preventive measure. Spiders like filth, so the dirtier your room, the more likely a spider will make its home there. Moreover, spiders really love dark, warm places--like that bundle of clothes on your floor. Make sure you keep your home clean and keep any loose articles off the floor in order to discourage spiders from creating a home there. Also, keep your dirty dishes and food supplies out of sight. Besides cleaning, you should also make sure to keep your doors and windows tightly sealed in order to prevent spiders from crawling inside. And, since spiders are attracted to light, keep your exterior lights off when you can. Finally, if you happen to find a spider in your home, vacuum the area immediately and if need be, use spider repellent to prevent future sightings.

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