How Do a Cocker Spaniel's Needs Change With Time?

Written by christine cam
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How Do a Cocker Spaniel's Needs Change With Time?
(Christine Cameron)

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Changes in a Cocker Spaniel's Nutritional Needs Over Time

Cocker spaniel puppies need high-protein foods with high vitamin content. A puppy has more energy and needs the supplements to keep activity levels up. Feed an older cocker spaniel dog food recommended for senior dogs. Senior dogs are not as active and may have trouble digesting high-protein foods. Older cocker spaniels also develop dental problems. Take the pet to the veterinarian to diagnose any dental issues for treatment. Feed a geriatric dog canned food to ease chewing discomfort and keep the dog hydrated.

Changes in Exercise for an Aging Cocker Spaniel

Go on shorter walks with an older cocker spaniel. Check for extreme temperatures before going on a walk with any older dog. Weather changes play a significant role in the overall health and well-being of an older cocker spaniel. Arthritis sets into joints, and damp cool weather causes pain. Take the pet to a veterinarian for a full health evaluation as soon as discomfort shows. Give anti-inflammatory medications as prescribed by a veterinarian to help the dog remain mobile. Heat also plays a critical role in exercising an older dog. Senior pets succumb to heatstroke or become overheated faster than puppies. Provide plenty of water and take breaks often to avoid heat-induced ailments in cocker spaniels.

Personality Changes in an Aging Cocker Spaniel

Socialise puppies well into adulthood to establish a healthy relationship between dog and humans. But even a well-socialised dog can become grouchy and more protective as it ages. Monitor young children and other pets around an older cocker spaniel. Aches and pains develop in joints, causing the pet to be more protective of body parts. Use care when lifting older dogs for any reason. A normally docile dog turns to biting quickly when in pain. Cocker spaniels also develop ear problems as they age. Keep the ears dry at all times to limit the opportunity for bacteria and infections to set in. Ears can become calcified and cause severe pain when touched even lightly. Take the dog to the veterinarian immediately if changes in personality are noted.

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