How does a woman seduce a man?

Updated April 17, 2017

Seduction intrigues and captivates through lust. The great seductresses of history--Cleopatra, Eve and the mythological sirens--knew this and were able to tempt men of honour and virtue. Seduction is not about the physical as much as the mental since it preys upon the brain, upon persuading a man to fall against his will. To get a man unabashedly lusting for a her, a woman must discover his weak points and utilise them against him, such as mothering him if he has a secret enjoyment in being taken care of. In addition to exploiting his weaknesses, there are a few other handy tricks a woman can use to seduce a man.

The Nose Knows

In a survey, 89 per cent of men revealed that the scent of a woman can enhance her attractiveness. Furthermore, 55 per cent of those men admitted they'd get frisky just because of scent alone. As one of the most powerful subconscious influences affecting judgment about the opposite sex, the right scent alone can incite a man's lust.

Some aromatherapy oils, like sandalwood, rose, ylang ylang, jasmine and patchouli, enhance natural pheromones, thereby making a woman more enticing to a man. The correct combination can prove to be seduction in a bottle.

Project the Inner Sex Kitten

To properly seduce a man, a woman needs to channel her inner temptress, the part of her that challenges sexual stereotypes, exudes confidence and gets what she desires. Walk tall, sit with perfect posture and project strength. Men are impressed by confidence. Sex kittens not only stimulate through physical abilities but also through mental stimulation. Mesmerise him with witty and engaging conversation. Men desire women who both physically and mentally captivate them.

Accidental Touches

Nonverbal body language is a great indication of interest; successful seductresses use it to their advantage.

Show interest through nonverbal body language such as facing him, playing with hair, occasionally biting or licking lips and, most importantly, "accidentally" touching him from time to time. Touch his arm briefly in conversation, casually brush his hand when reaching for something or just playfully nudge him. The key is to be subtle while allowing it to naturally evolve.

Visually Stimulate

Men are visual creatures pure and simple. A healthy figure with flattering clothes will entice any man's imagination. To seduce, dress and act like a woman, such as in skirts and dresses. A flowing skirt is far more likely to spark his lust than tight jeans. Keep in mind, though, that while men love visual stimulation, there is a fine line between clothes that drive men crazy and clothes that make a woman appear slutty. Finding the correct combination between showing and hiding womanly qualities is essential for the seduction. Enhance and accent while leaving a lot to his imagination.

Building Anticipation

Seduction is all about delaying gratification. Move slower than he desires. Build anticipation, excitement and tension through a variation of playing "hard to get." Create dissatisfaction through demonstrating interest then pulling away slightly. Building anticipation and creating dissatisfaction keeps him on his toes, constantly wondering where he stands. The thrill of seduction lies in the chase, not the conquest.

Other Weapons in the Seduction Arsenal

Other tips and tricks involved in seducing a man include erotic dancing; possessing an air of mystery; having a soothing but soft, throaty tone of voice; revealing depth of character slowly; mastering innocent glances with seductive eyes; choosing the appropriate location; after dating for a bit, showing him how much you desire him sexually by telling him and initiating sex.

The Secret Ingredient

Most men want to be seduced. The key, though, is not letting a man know he is being seduced. In fact, the seduction works far better when he believes he is the seducer.

Remember, seduction is an art form. There is no perfect way to seduce a man, just general guidelines that need to be tailored to each man individually in terms of his weaknesses. Seduction is not about getting in his trousers but his mind.

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