Problems With the Digital Speedometers on Honda Civics

Updated March 21, 2017

Most Honda Civics have digital speedometers. Instead of an analogue speedometer that informs you of your speed, the digital speedometer numerically states the speed on your dashboard. Some consumers have expressed some reservations about the digital speedometers.


On Honda Civic forums, some consumers have complained that the bright instrument panel that indicates the speed of your vehicle is more distracting than an analogue speedometer.


A 1993 Popular Science article noted that digital speedometers round up to the nearest number for your speed; an analogue speedometer can tell you if you are going 55.5 miles per hour but a digital speedometer will state 56 miles per hour. Honda Civic owners might not be able to identify their proper speed and calculate their gas consumption.


Besides consumer concerns, all digital speedometers may have unique issues. For example, Honda Civics with LCD display cases could crack, stopping the digital display from working. Also, if an electrical issue occurs, the digital display will malfunction.

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