PT Cruiser Key Alarm Problems

Updated April 17, 2017

PT Cruiser owners may experience a problem with their alarm when they unlock their driver's-side door. The alarm may sound when the driver's-side door is opened manually with their key. The problem is with the key's cut-off signal.

When Does the Alarm Problem Occur?

The problem with the alarm seems to occur when drivers manually unlock their driver's-side door. The alarm does not seem to sound when the keyless entry function is used. Vehicle owners find that the problem occurs each time the key is used to unlock the door.

Manual Solution

Some owners of the PT Cruiser have found a manual, albeit inconvenient, solution to the alarm problem. One method is to manually lock the driver's-side door after it has been unlocked. Unlocking the door a second time results in the silencing of the car's alarm.

Source of the Problem

The root of the key alarm problem lies in its lock cylinder switch. If the switch develops a defect or breaks, PT Cruiser owners will experience the problem with the alarm sounding when they attempt to unlock their cars. When it is functioning correctly, the switch sends a cut-off signal to the alarm.

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