Small Mercury Outboard Tiller to Remote Steering Conversion

Written by joy prescott | 13/05/2017
Small Mercury Outboard Tiller to Remote Steering Conversion
Small outboard motors are easily portable. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

A steering kit allows you to convert a small outboard motor from a tiller to remote steering. Mechanical steering kits include all components except the steering wheel and the link arms. Electric steering kits use simple button controls.

Rotary Steering

In a rotary steering system, the steering cable wraps around a gear. The two types of rotary steering are reduction gear, which uses one or more gears, and planetary gear, which uses three or more gears. Because the helm shaft is placed outside the cable drum, this type of steering often does not fit small dashboards.

Rack-and-Pinion Steering

A rack-and-pinion steering system has a linear gear, or rack, and the cable passes back and forth through a tubular housing. This type of steering is the most efficient method for moving the cable but requires a long, tubular rack housing that does not fit behind many dashboards.

Electric Steering

Remote steering that uses simple button controls can be installed on any kicker motor that has a threaded tilt tube. This option eliminates the need to drill holes in your transom. A wireless version works without a cable.

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