Weed killer for ivy

Written by phyllis benson | 13/05/2017
Weed killer for ivy
Control ivy that grows and spreads aggressively. (Adam88xx/iStock/Getty Images)

Ivy is a family of evergreen woody vines. These vines look ornamental but often invade and kill existing plants. Non-selective herbicides, properly applied, kill these noxious plants.


Ivies grow aggressively in a dense, smothering ground cover that overpowers other plants. Ivies that climb trees may block light from tree leaves, killing branches and weakening the trees. Because ivies grow from stem joints and broken stems, cultivation or hand removal is rarely effective unless augmented with appropriate weed killers.


Weed killers effective on ivy contain either triclopyr or glyphosate. These herbicides, sprayed on the leaves, are absorbed by the plant and travel to the root. These systemic herbicides continue working days and weeks after they are applied. Marketed as brush and vine killers, they are brushed or sprayed on growing ivy to kill the entire plant.


Weed killers for ivy can be used alone, or combined with mechanical cutting to expose raw ivy stems. Spray or brush herbicide on the exposed ivy stems and leaves to kill the roots. Repeat as needed.

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