Are Parts for Black & Decker Wizard Rotary Tool & Dremel Interchangeable?

Written by jack burton | 13/05/2017

Invented by Albert Dremel in the 1930s, the Dremel rotary tool became a part of both home and professional toolboxes for drilling, sawing, polishing and a multitude of other tasks. Competitors such as Black & Decker created their own versions.

Wizard Design

The Black & Decker Wizard Rotary Tool is functionally identical to the Dremal. It is designed to use all the accessories that fit a Dremal.

Use of the Wizard

Attachments to the Wizard allow it to grind, shape and polish material such as metal, plastic and wood. It also cuts light metal such as nails, bolts, pipes and chains.

Different Tools

Accessory kits for the Dremel have up to 150 different tools for use. Other manufacturers' rotary tools are also designed to use all of these parts.

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