Pioneer Car CD Player Problems

Written by whitney houston | 13/05/2017

A Pioneer car CD system plays tracks from CDs, MP3 files and the radio. Once it has been installed, certain problems with CD playback may occur.


If you see the message "Error-11," "Error-12," "Error-17" or "Error 30" on the display, the disc is either too dirty or badly scratched. Eject the disc and examine it. If the disc is dirty, clean it from the centre to the outer edges with a dry cleaning cloth. If the disc is severely scratched, the player can't read it and it needs to be replaced.


If the display reads "Error-15," the inserted disc is blank and can't be played. Eject the disc and insert a disc that contains recorded tracks.


If the message "Skipped" appears on the display, that means some songs on the inserted CD are Windows media audio files protected with digital rights management. Songs that are DRM protected will be skipped. If the display reads "Protect," then the entire CD contains WMA songs protected with DRM and won't be played.

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