What kind of gutters are used with corrugated metal roofs?

Written by amy rodriguez | 13/05/2017
What kind of gutters are used with corrugated metal roofs?
Rain needs to be directed off roofs and into rain gutters. (rain image by tomash from Fotolia.com)

There are many roofing materials available, such as shingles. But, another choice is a corrugated metal roof, offering a strength like no other material. When installing a metal roof, it is common to replace the rain gutters as well.


A corrugated metal roof is a wavy, textured metal material laid out so that any rain or moisture can travel down its grooves to the edge of the roof. Here, rain gutters are needed to direct the water flow away from the building.


Any kind of rain gutter can be installed with corrugated metal roofing. Many options are available, such as metal, copper, plastic, or aluminium. One main concern would be for the rain gutter to match the roofing, making steel and aluminium popular as a complement to the metal roof.


Rain gutter choices involve choosing a shape. There are five different shapes all providing differing functions, useful for regions with a lot of rainfall to those with heavy snowfall.

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