Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems

Written by anthony faccenda | 13/05/2017
Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems
(IT Stock Free/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

The Nissan Pathfinder was introduced in 1986; it's a mid-sized SUV that's built on a truck platform. The 2011 Pathfinder offers numerous off-road capabilities and is available with four-wheel drive. Although transmission problems are uncommon in most model years, the 2005 Pathfinder was prone to automatic transmission failure.


The About Automobile website indicates that the most common transmission problem with the 2005 Pathfinder is transmission failure. The main cause of this transmission failure is a faulty radiator that leaks coolant into the transmission. Continued leakage causes the radiator coolant and transmission oil to mix, which damages the transmission.


Signs of transmission failure can be seen in a number of areas while driving. One major symptom is difficulty when shifting gears, which may be accompanied by "grinding" noises. You may also feel vibrations coming from the front end of the Pathfinder.


You may be entitled to a free transmission repair if you have not exceeded Nissan's 60,000-mile Powertrain Warranty. Unfortunately, radiator replacement is not covered and will cost approximately £439 for parts and labour in 2011. If the transmission repair is not covered under warranty, Auto MD estimates the cost to replace an automatic transmission at £2,470 for parts and labour.

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