What is the height of a lamp post?

Written by adwoa ofori | 13/05/2017
What is the height of a lamp post?
Lamp post heights can vary. (lamp post on the waterfront image by green 308 from Fotolia.com)

In many modern cities, lamp posts come in a variety of styles, shapes and heights. The vast array of lamp posts are designed for different purposes. Street lighting needs to be tall enough to aid pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Lamp Post Height

What is the height of a lamp post?
Garden lamp posts are usually shorter than street lights. (light post image by Vonora from Fotolia.com)

The height of lamp posts can range from 6 feet to 40 feet and above. Street lights tend to be taller. Most are approximately 13 feet or more

Garden Lamp Posts

Lamp posts used in the garden are usually used for home security and decoration. Garden lamp posts tend to be shorter at approximately 6 feet to 9 feet high.

Manufacturer Information

To determine the height of a particular lamp post, contact the manufacturer of that model. Every make of lamp post is different, there is no standard height for lamp posts.

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